Get Unstuck and Live The Creative Life You Crave — with Joel Mark Witt

Joel Mark Witt

Feeling stuck in your life and wishing you could break free and live the creative life you crave on your own terms?

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Joining me is Joel Mark Witt. Joel is a digital media entrepreneur, author, speaker, marketing coach, and publisher of the popular small business social media blog FolkMedia.

Joel was living “The American Dream” with a nice apartment in the city and a good steady job, but the constraints of his lifestyle were limiting the amount of time he could spend on his passion of digital media. In this candid interview Joel explains how he broke through those constraints and is fast tracking his digital media career.

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  • Aaron

    Great interview~We had the opportunity of inviting Joel onto one of our webinars at and he was incredible. Great information and not the same old “Stuff” just rehashed. Everyone on the webinar learned something new.

  • Kyle

    Nice work, John. Enjoyed the interview.