Beyond Personality Types: Personality Hacking for Creatives and Entrepreneurs — with Antonia Dodge and Camronn Huff

Camronn Huff and Antonia Dodge

You’ve heard about different personality types and profiling tests that help map out the areas where you are most likely to excel. Have you wondered how you could quickly use that information to get massive results in your creative and entrepreneurial ventures? It turns out there’s a hack for that…

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Joining me is Antonia Dodge and Camronn Huff. They are co-founders of Personality Hacker, an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly–happiness. Together, they have a combined total of over 15 years in applied psychoanalytics, and consulted for companies such as Zappos Insights, Hot Topic Media and Inquire Within Media. They have developed over 20 high level trainings, products and resources including the must see Genius Awakening program.

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  • This interview is phenomenal if you’re even a little bit intuitive and utilizing what these two have said has been instrumental in my success.

  • Crystalislivingfreedom

    Wow…interesting & good content! really really awesome actually! lots to think about..I will look into this! thank you.

  • Antonia Dodge

    Thanks for the interview, John! 🙂

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