Beyond Stage Presence: What Separates World Class Performers and Public Speakers from the Forgettable Ones — with Ariana Hall

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What are the secrets that set world class performers and public speakers apart from the forgettable ones?

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Joining me is Ariana Hall. Ariana is a world-renowned Self-Expression Coach, Voice Trainer, Professional Singer, and founder of  Her recent performances include giving a private concert for renowned author Eckhart Tolle, performances for the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle, from the stage of the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, and at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. She recorded for Adam Lambert, Rod Stewart, and has also appeared on the Wayne Brady and Craig Kilborn Shows with singing legend Engelbert Humperdinck.

Using her own career and life to experiment, she mapped out the many Self-Expression spaces a person goes through to transition from a passive audience member all the way to a masterful and expressive leader. Combining this understanding with the correct use of the voice as an instrument, the outer and inner voice simply opens. Her programs inspire new entrepreneurs to live their message with confidence while empowering the presentation and authenticity of seasoned professionals.

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