How to Successfully Crowd Fund a Project on Kickstarter — with Nathaniel Hansen

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about crowd funding your creative projects, films, and albums via websites like Kickstarter, but have you wondered what it actually takes to run a successful crowd funding campaign?

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Joining me is Nathaniel Hansen. Nathaniel is a crowd funding expert, Kickstarter consultant, and successful film maker. After his first film project was successfully crowd funded, he developed a unique set of “crowd funding must do’s” which has helped contribute to the success for 11 other projects totaling $313,059. These projects have been featured all over the web, from Wired to CNN, and have been spurred along by social media engines like Twitter and Facebook and an army of fans. Two projects are in the Kickstarter top 20, one is in the top 5 (most donated), and one recently earned an 2010 Kickstarter award.

Nathaniel recently completed his MFA in Visual and Media Art from Emerson College, where he also taught as adjunct professor.

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