Computer Animation Pioneer and Sociative CEO — Brad deGraf

Brad deGraf Picture

In this interview computer animation pioneer Brad deGraf talks candidly about his work in the early days of computer animation, the importance of being both an artist and technician in your craft, and his latest company Sociative.

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Brad has been an innovator in computer animation in the entertainment industry since 1982, particularly in the areas of realtime characters, ride films, and the Web. He founded and/or managed several ground-breaking animation studios including Protozoa (aka Dotcomix), Colossal Pictures Digital Media, deGraf/Wahrman, and Digital Productions. In 2000, Wired called Brad “an icon in the world of 3D animation”. Brad is currently CEO and co-founder (with Michael Tolson formerly of XAOS and Envoii) of Sociative Inc.

Credits include:

  •, a campaign with Garry Trudeau to get his Ambassador Duke character elected president;
  • Moxy, emcee for the Cartoon Network, the first virtual character for television;
  • Floops, the first Web episodic cartoon;
  • Peter Gabriel’s Grammy award- winning video, Steam;
  • “The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera”, the first computer-generated ride film;
  • Feature films “The Last Starfighter”, “2010”, “Jetsons: the Movie”, “Robocop 2”,

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