Digital Strategy and Marketing — with Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

There are so many marketing, social media, and design resources available today that it’s often difficult to know which tools and services will be the most effective in growing and monetizing your audience online.  For this program I invited a world class digital strategist to share the top 3 things to keep in mind when creating your digital strategy, how to genuinely connect with fans and clients online despite the constant changes in technology, and marketing pitfalls to avoid.

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Joining me is Jacob Tell. Jacob is the co-founder and CEO of Oniracom which provides a full line of digital strategy and marketing services to artists, labels, and management for some of the world’s most successful entertainment properties including Jack Johnson, Matisyahu, Disney Records, Universal Music Group, The Wailers, Epitaph Records, Tom Waits, Ron White, and Chris Cornell.

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