Digital Strategy and Marketing — with Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

There are so many marketing, social media, and design resources available today that it’s often difficult to know which tools and services will be the most effective in growing and monetizing your audience online.  For this program I invited a world class digital strategist to share the top 3 things to keep in mind when creating your digital strategy, how to genuinely connect with fans and clients online despite the constant changes in technology, and marketing pitfalls to avoid.

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Joining me is Jacob Tell. Jacob is the co-founder and CEO of Oniracom which provides a full line of digital strategy and marketing services to artists, labels, and management for some of the world’s most successful entertainment properties including Jack Johnson, Matisyahu, Disney Records, Universal Music Group, The Wailers, Epitaph Records, Tom Waits, Ron White, and Chris Cornell.

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Music Tech and Marketing — with Todd Tate

In this interview Web music technology expert Todd Tate talks about his work in the early days of digital music, highlights some artists that are doing a great job of leveraging technology to connect with larger audiences, and shares why it’s a good time to get into the music tech world.

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Todd currently develops Websites for musicians ranging from wet-behind-the-ears to Grammy-award winners, helping them navigate the dynamic world of social media to help build loyal, engaged fans in the most effective, creative ways.  He also helps developers and entrepreneurs develop their products to go-to-market, one current project being ““.  In addition to serving as the Community Engineer for The SF MusicTech Summit, Todd co-owned and operated San Francisco’s Blue Room Studios, and served as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Angry, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks just as the Internet emerged as a musical force.

Social Entrepreneurship: How Brands Can Win in the Digital Age — with Kyle Mortensen

Ever wonder why some brands are able to create an extremely loyal fan base while their competitors with similar products or services are left out of the party?

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Joining me is marketing expert Kyle Mortensen. Kyle is the CEO of the NEW SCIENCE agency. An unconventional company based on over 15 years in the youth marketing space, his far-reaching relationships, and his restless creativity.  He describes his approach to serving entertainment and lifestyle brands, products and initiatives as “expansive marketing”, and has worked with such brands as Coca-Cola, Nike, THQ, Scion, Ubisoft, Subway, and

In addition to his other efforts he manages rapper Slimkid3 of legendary hip-hop group The Pharcyde along with rock band A.i., and works with film composer Bennett Salvay (Jeepers Creepers, Friday Night Lights).