Why Youth Media Matters – with Spy Hop Programs Director Matt Mateus








What is Youth Media and why is it critical for our communities to REALLY support it?

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Joining me is Matt Mateus. Matt is the Programs Director for Spy Hop in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a nationally recognized Youth Media expert. In this approx. 45 minute video interview, Matt explains why Youth Media is such a powerful medium for creating a positive and lasting impact in the lives of our  youth who otherwise feel forgotten, ignored, or brushed aside. He also talks about why their local programs attract the interest of major media players like Disney,  Sundance, and the Grammy Foundation and how Youth Media experience can provide a competitive edge over other candidates when applying for future employment.

For nearly 15 years, Spy Hop has mentored Utah’s young people in the digital media arts as a vehicle for free expression, self-discovery, critical thinking and skilled participation. Their afterschool and community programs in film, audio, design and music production are a model for youth development programs across the nation and Spy Hop is recognized by the White House as a leading nonprofit arts and humanities organization.