Late Night Alumni: Backstage Interview with John Hancock

Late Night Alumni TourIn this candid 23-minute interview, Late Night Alumni’s John Hancock shares his insights about the challenges and opportunities that technology has created for musicians and entrepreneurs over the past 25 years. He also shares advice on how to prioritize which projects to take on and which ones to say no to, what he wishes he would have known when he got started, and talks about scaling his live show so that LNA maintains  a strong connection to their audience as they transition from clubs to their current arena tour.

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John Hancock is a composer, arranger, performer & producer. His passion for music came early as he followed his music educator and performer parents into their musical world. His early lessons in piano and violin soon gave way to guitars and synthesizers and Hancock quickly gained a reputation of combining technology with his musical artistry as he composed for radio, television, and multimedia. Known among his peers for his “out of the box” creativity, he soon found himself sought after for his unique sound, producing and writing for everything from local singer-songwriters to national ad campaigns. This lead to the formation of his own music production company, Tritone Productions.

His music can now be heard daily on television shows like The Today Show, Showtime, ESPN, and Fox Sports” and the KBYU original series “Granite Flats” among many others. His compositions can also be heard in a many films such as Steve Carrell’s “Crazy, Stupid Love” and “The Cyclist” (for which he created true original score). Hundreds of his compositions are found in the popular Warner Chappell/Non-Stop Music Library. John is also a member of of the band “Late Night Alumni” with Becky Jean Williams, Finn Bjarnson and Ryan Raddon (Kaskade). They are about to begin their 5th studio album and are currently on tour.

Startup Advice for Female Entrepreneurs — with Signalfy CEO Kara Dake

Kara DakeWant to get past your self-doubt and finally create that successful business you’ve been thinking about?

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Joining me is Kara Dake. Kara is the founder and CEO of Signalfy which is an online social connectivity platform for electronic music event promoters and event seekers. Her diverse background includes digital marketing consulting with her company, an MBA from NYU in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, event marketing, and trying to forget about her days working on Wall Street. Kara has been a featured panelist at the EDMBiz conference and was awarded a coveted Skylight grant for female entrepreneurship in the music business on behalf of Signalfy.

 In this approx. 26 minute video interview, Kara shares a behind the scenes look how she refined her idea into a viable business, key mindsets to understand when pitching potential investors, the challenges and opportunities of being a female CEO in a male dominated industry, the importance of leadership role models, and advice on creating alternate revenue streams to support yourself while you’re getting your startup off the ground.

*Guys….you definitely don’t want to miss out on the valuable business advice from Kara, so be sure to check out the interview too.


Digital Strategy and Marketing — with Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell

There are so many marketing, social media, and design resources available today that it’s often difficult to know which tools and services will be the most effective in growing and monetizing your audience online.  For this program I invited a world class digital strategist to share the top 3 things to keep in mind when creating your digital strategy, how to genuinely connect with fans and clients online despite the constant changes in technology, and marketing pitfalls to avoid.

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Joining me is Jacob Tell. Jacob is the co-founder and CEO of Oniracom which provides a full line of digital strategy and marketing services to artists, labels, and management for some of the world’s most successful entertainment properties including Jack Johnson, Matisyahu, Disney Records, Universal Music Group, The Wailers, Epitaph Records, Tom Waits, Ron White, and Chris Cornell.

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Effective Music Business Networking — with Lupe Fiasco Guitarist Erik Hammer

Erik Hammer Guitar

What does it take to make it to the top of the music business and get the best gigs?

Learn how to network strategically in the music business , tips on making your work multidimensional, how to connect with your audience, and pitfalls to avoid from one of the top guitarists in the business.

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Joining me is Erik Hammer. Erik is the lead guitarist for Lupe Fiasco (whose album LASERS debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 earlier this year), an in-demand session musician, music producer, and high level guitar instructor.