How To Work From Home — with Rachel Rofe

Rachel Rofe

Want to  finance your creative lifestyle  from anywhere you have an internet connection, while having free time to travel and work on your art?

Like me, you’re probably sick of all of the ridiculous get rich quick spam going around TV and the Internet, so I wanted to invite a  guest who will cut through the B.S. and give solid real world advice regarding what she is doing (and pitfalls to avoid) to generate a consistent upper 5- figure a month income while setting her own schedule, traveling to amazing places, and genuinely making an impact on the world through her efforts.

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Joining me is Rachel Rofe. Rachel is an author, speaker, coach, outsourcing expert, and internet marketing virtuoso who runs her businesses on the go while living in places like San Diego, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Ares, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. Rachel’s ultimate plan is to live a 100% authentic, fun, happy life where she’s only doing what she LOVES and having other people do all the rest.

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