Online PR — with PitchEngine CEO Jason Kintzler

Jason Kintzler

Think you need to be in a large metropolitan city to make your impact on the world?

Hear the amazing story of an entrepreneur who bootstrapped his Social Media business from a small town in Wyoming that is now used by more than 45,000 businesses worldwide in only 3 years.

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Joining me is Jason Kintzler. Jason is the founder and CEO of PitchEngine, a social publishing platform founded in 2009 that is  used by companies ranging from local startups to Fortune 500 companies like Pepsico, H&R Block, Cisco, and Zappos.

Jason has been credited with “heralding in a new era of public relations” by creating “one of the PR industry’s most transformative innovations.” Jason and/or PitchEngine have appeared in several popular books including; Engage, Twitterville, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, SocialCorp and Social Media Marketing for Dummies.

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